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My life in 2019


Hi bloggers!

Today writing about my life in 2019!

I have 6 lessons on Mondays,Wednesdays,Thursdays and Fridays, but on Thursdays I have an extra circle. On Mondays I have maths, Polish, English, techique and history, but on Tuesdays we have 7 lessons. On Tuesdays, we have maths, Polish, English,  art, music, education for familly life and PE. On Wednesdays ,we have maths, Polish, English, biology, PE and IT, but on Thursdays, we have Polish, English,PE,RE,geography and history. On Fridays , we have Polish,maths,English,RE,PE and educational time. I live in very big block of flats with my parents , grandmother , cute rabbit and my sweet dog. My parents once a week they give me some money for small expenses.

Thank you for reading. 



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