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My life!!


Hi bloggers!!

Today I'm writing about my life. I like my life becuase  I have got great friends and awesome family . On Monday and Friday I always start school at 8:00 and I finish at 1:30p.m. . In other day I start school at 8:00 too and I finish at 2:20 becuase I have got extra lesson . I get homework in all day. I usually stop at 6:00p.m. . Once a week my parents and my grandparents give me some money.I mostly play with my dog Nico and surf the Net. I sometimes listen to music and read the books . On Saturdays I often go shoppping with my family . I from in block of flats with my parents , my brother , my sister and our dog Nico . I sometimes argue with my parents . I love my family and I like my friends . I hate tests . There is nothing that I could worry about.

Thank you for reading!!

Oliwia Ch.

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