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My life!


Hi bloggers!

Today I'm writing about my life.

My name is Alicja and I 11 years old. I have two fantastic,clevr and helpful brothers. Some people in my class say Aliszja or Asia to me.My birthday is on 26th of May .My favourite school subjects are English and Music. In my free time I listening to music, chat with my class, sing and I spending time with my brothers (Karol and Wiktor). I like eat pizza and spagetti. I LOVE PLAYING  THE GUITAR . I worry about my schol or tests in class 8. I like sing and dance. I hate play computers games. I have got 4 bff. My friends are not from school. I hate maths, geography and biology. I love my family.  I have fantastic friends in my class. I like friuts, but I hate vegetables. I dont like aruge with my brothers or friends. My favourite seson is summer but I'm afraid of storm. In my opinion my live is FANTASTIC.

Thank you for reading


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